Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Everyone heres the First blog Post!

Its basically just me rambling and some cool screenshots and a short background of my Video Game Career.

I'm not sure which type of Video Game I want to build or what video game engine I want to use yet except that it will most likely be a computer game rather than a console game. Im not familiar with the actual creation of a game but I have built maps in-game and I am familiar with the in-game map design aspects.

I like Sandbox games like Minecraft because of the design aspects of it so a game like that would be cool to make, heres some of my creations:

I am a big computer gamer, I rarely play any console games.

My Games:

Age of Mythology
Age of Empires I
Age of Empires II
Empire Earth
Counter Strike Source
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds
League of Legends
Warcraft the Frozen Throne
Warhammer online
Age of Conan Online
World Of Warcraft
Star Wars the Old Republic

And Many More!